Yukarı Çık

Vision, Mision, Ethical Values


Carrying the railway transport to the place it deserves in terms of Turkey's Foreign Trade and becoming one of few and much sought-after reputable companies of the country in this field and establishing itself as such also in the arena of international competition.


Becoming the leading implementer of innovations in all fields of railway transport across Turkey. Bringing possibilities of railways to the daily life of customers with the experienced, talented and agile human resources and contemporary information infrastructure in order to achieve such mission.

Ethical Values

Without forgetting that the reason why our company exists is our Customers

  • 1. We'd like to point out that the relationship between our company and its customers can only be transformed into a long-term cooperation in line with principles of honesty
  • 2. Preferring long-term cooperation over short-term profitability will be the most profitable Company lifestyle
  • 3. Communication of the right information at the right time has to be the basic form of professional conduct

Relations built with colleagues

  • 4. Must be, first of all, underpinned by mutual respect, and all colleagues have roles to play in laying a sound foundation,
  • 5. One of the most important issues on the path towards guaranteeing a platform of respect and professional solidarity is not giving credits to Unfair Competition and inefficient use of national resources may only be averted in this way,

With regards to relations built with employees,

  • 6. Employees are the greatest asset of our company
  • 7. The collective value generated by employees together is more important than the individual values
  • 8. The company can only be renewed and strengthened by employees who have the desire to constantly renew themselves

and we will not compromise on these principles.