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Human Resources

Konsped Uluslararası Taşımacılık İnsan Kaynakları

Transporting is a service sector where the capital consists of employees. Especially the railway transport is a field where choosing experienced personnel is always a greater challenge. Therefore, not only the selection of the right personnel but also in-house training of those personnel members selected are of paramount importance according to Konsped human resources policies. It is ensured that intra-company experiences are shared and personnel are offered a chance of familiarizing themselves with technical information and systems through various sources.

Konsped attaches great importance to long-term cooperation in employee relations. A family ambience which is underpinned by warmth of intra-company relations, respect and mutual honesty plays a very crucial role in such long-term cooperation.

As a result of these efforts, a Konsped employee is a dynamic individual who is familiar with the general transport processes and railway transport techniques, can use any kind of information software, has the necessary language skill set enabling her/him to communicate with customers and colleagues, and is aware of the fact knowing the essence of time creates the basic difference in the business life.

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