Yukarı Çık


Konsped Uluslararası Taşımacılık Tarihçe

It was incorporated in 1989 by Mete Tırman and his partners. Their purpose was to carry the railway transport to the place it deserves in terms of Turkey's Foreign Trade and becoming one of few reputable companies of the country in this field.

As a first in terms of foreign trade of Turkey, dry cargo transport by railway from Europe to Turkey and vice versa that went on since 1990 found a place for itself in the agenda of Konsped with containers this time, though. During such era, some relations were built with Intercontainer composed of Europe's railway organizations.

In 1991, with the refrigerator cars belonging to Interfrigo Company based in Switzerland, which is a partnership of European Railways, citrus transport with block trains from Izmir and Mersin regions to Europe was started.

In 1993, transports with refrigerator cars to CAC (commonwealth of independent states) through the border gate of Romania-Moldova was initiated.

In 1995, Kontinental Kargo, the sister organization of Konsped, was founded. Kontinental Kargo started its sea, land and air transport operations.

In early 1996, it commissioned the block train carrying containers with a round trip between Wien and Halkalı once a week, together with Ökombi, the Austrian Combined Transport Company.

Konsped, acting based on the principle of producing services at each and every route the railways reach, started conventional railway transport to all Commonwealth of Independent States, notably the Central Asia countries, from Turkey in early 1996.

In 1997, Aktifsped Uluslararası Nakliyat company was incorporated. Aktifsped, a sister organization of Konsped, has flourished in the field of liquid chemicals and foodstuff transport and become one of the most important organizations of Turkey in this sector.

In 2006, while the Association of Railway Transport was considered a Non-Governmental Organizations for the first time, Konsped enjoyed the privilege of being the founder, and Mete Tırman was elected the Chairman of the Association at the first General Assembly meeting held, who remained in this office for 4 years.

Since 2007, Konsped has been the agent of "HOYER GLOBAL TRANSPORT", the overseas division of HOYER which is the world's largest liquid chemical and foodstuff carrier.

In 2014, Kontinental Kargo merged with Konsped, one of the group companies, with a view to benefiting from strengths of Konsped and Kontinental Kargo, and a significant synergy was created as a result.