Yukarı Çık

Quality Understanding

In today's transport world, competition is maintained through the quality of service offered rather than the quality of the tools offered. Being aware of this fact, Konsped emphasizes the Quality Journey within the development policies of the Company.

In this context,
Transparency in customer relationships, providing information at the right time and with the right content, honesty constitute the foundation of our quality understanding.

In the operation of the company, defining the processes in written form, entering all the operational processes into the computer environment, and making written agreements based on commercial relations are the features of the company's general character.

With regards to personnel relations, personnel relations stretching over long years gives rise to a happy family ambience within Konsped based on the idea that any and all trainings required by transport services, employees at a good command of languages making the right communication possible as required by our service network, transfer of know-how from the experienced to the inexperienced, sufficient and necessary experience can only be achieved with long-term partnerships.